Today’s package management is all about logistics, not storage.

Updated: Apr 1

The eCommerce revolution continues unabated in apartment communities across the country. Today there is an increased volume of packages, the packages are larger/heavier, and then there are odd-shaped packages that take up a lot of room. Residents seem to want to purchase everything online now.

To add to this, there is a non-stop parade of delivery drivers coming to the property. Some of these drivers are traditional drivers like UPS, FedEx, and USPS that come each day while others are demand economy/gig workers who are working out of their car and can be quite disruptive to any processes you have in place. Many times they just drop the packages quickly and leave.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, eCommerce was growing at a very fast pace of ~15% and the pandemic served to turbocharge the growth. Some experts think that COVID sped up eCommerce growth by four-to-six years.

What all of this means for apartment owners, developers, managers, and the architects that serve them is a more and more complex situation in apartment communities.

Residents want/demand increasing amounts of speed and convenience in their lives. These are some of the main reasons that they shop online in the first place. Complexity is the enemy of speed and convenience. Dealing with this complexity will result in delighted residents.

A short history of package management…

In the early stages of the eCommerce revolution (circa 2008) apartment communities took residents’ packages at the office in order to provide good customer service.

Then about 2012 apartment owners started installing package lockers to solve the expanding problem. This seemed to many multifamily executives to be the ultimate solution...simple, effective, and cost-efficient while getting their staff out of the package business. However, package lockers are a storage solution that has many significant limitations. Not the least of which is the fact that a resident’s small package can tie up a large locker for several days thus wasting space by storing air. Furthermore, large packages may not fit at all, there is limited to no resident support, and delivery drivers (an increasing issue) are not addressed at all.

Then in 2018-19, the industry started moving to either low-tech rooms being provided by the package locker companies or moving off-site altogether with a solution that had residents ship their packages to a warehouse, and then the packages were consolidated and brought back to the property in a van. Both of these options have strong limitations as well. Low-tech rooms can quickly and easily turn into a big mess when they receive any type of volume. This can force residents to effectively ‘dumpster dive’ for packages creating a lot of frustration. Off-site solutions can many times mean that residents who want their packages in two hours or the same day, will get their packages in two days as an additional step is added to the delivery process. This can defeat the very purpose of having Amazon Prime (quick delivery) in the first place. Residents can be very vocal online on social media platforms about having to wait for their packages to arrive or having their packages lost due to another driver (off-site) getting involved.

All of the above solutions are storage-based solutions. They are high on metal lockers and human labor but low on technology and software. What is needed/required to solve the modern-day package and delivery driver problem in apartment communities is a software-driven logistics solution that is designed to handle the growing complexity with minimal intervention by apartment staff.

HelloPackage is a logistics system, not a storage system. These are two very different things.

The product is designed to be a complete package and delivery driver management solution that provides 4x the density of packages in a given space (open shelf just like Amazon warehouses), handles all sizes/shapes/weights of packages, allows residents to return packages right back to the package room (~33% of all eCommerce packages are returned), manages delivery drivers via telepresence (we show up on a screen in the room - live and in-person to instruct the drivers), manage any/all resident questions using both automated (chatbot) and human support 24/7/365, and provides a customer-facing dashboard to all levels of property management to see the performance of their HelloPackage system for one or many properties.

HelloPackage gets smarter and smarter as you use it at your property. Everything today has embedded intelligence...our cars, phones, computers, apartments, houses, offices, etc. Advanced software is the key to solving complex problems today.

If you would like more information about HelloPackage and would be interested in seeing a demo of the product, please email us at, go to our website at or call 404-382-5805/866-931-5567 to set up a time.

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