Why Package Management may just be your #1 Amenity!

Updated: Apr 1

As an apartment owner, developer, or manager you may think that handling residents’ packages and the associated delivery drivers is a huge hassle and want it all to just go away. Using the current first-generation solutions like engaging your staff to manually solve the problem or using package lockers as a solution, can easily make you/your staff want to never see another package at your property.

With all of the pressures that your local leasing staff has to deal with today and the fact that many communities are short-staffed, many owners are looking for a more advanced solution that delights residents and at the same time gets staff out of the package management/delivery driver management business…for good!

It is not lost on owners that getting packages at home is a must-have amenity for residents. Owners understand that e-Commerce has become the ‘Personal Supply Chain’ for some of their residents where they make most of their purchases online. Package Management could easily be the most important, most used, the #1 Amenity that the community offers. And, this amenity is only becoming increasingly important as residents purchase more and more online.

Many owners today are embracing the fact that they are part of the overall supply chain (the last 100 yards) and that residents want, and will demand, excellence in how they receive their e-Commerce purchases. These residents expect a state-of-the-art, high-tech solution that allows them to get their purchased items FAST and with great CONVENIENCE. This is why they are buying online in the first place.

Amazon is now delivering items in just five hours from the time of order so using off-site solutions like Fetch Package that can add an additional 24 hours to the delivery time may cause great resident dissatisfaction. Also, the resident does not want to have to be home to accept a package as many residents get hundreds of packages per year. This is like having to ‘meet the cable guy’ hundreds of times per year…very old-school thinking. Also, residents do not want to have their packages just left in the hall next to their door if they are not at home…not a secure method of delivery.

Finally, great customer service that is both prompt and thorough in dealing with any package issues is an absolute must-have for residents. No one has the time to try to chase down their e-Commerce packages. Residents who receive bad customer service will take out their frustrations by posting very negative reviews about the APARTMENT COMMUNITY and the community's choice of a package management solution on platforms like Better Business Bureau (BBB), Yelp!, Google Reviews, Facebook, etc. The potential reputational damage to the community can be significant and hurt its ability to attract new residents. These negative social media posts are permanently on the internet and cannot be removed by the apartment owner. Today, prospective residents are very savvy when it comes to doing online research before they decide on where to live.

So, it is wise for the owner to do in-depth research on the package management solution that they select, and perform additional research on the people that are behind the company. HelloPackage is designed to be a complete package and delivery driver management solution that provides 4x the density of packages in a given space (open shelf just like Amazon warehouses), handles all sizes/shapes/weights of packages, allows residents to return packages right back to the package room (~33% of all eCommerce packages are returned), manages delivery drivers via telepresence (we show up on a screen in the room - live and in-person to instruct the drivers), manages any/all resident questions using both automated (chatbot) and human support 24/7/365, and provides a customer-facing dashboard to all levels of property management to see the performance of their HelloPackage system for one or many properties in one place.

Unlike other package management systems, HelloPackage gets smarter as it is used. Many products today have embedded intelligence...our cars, phones, computers, apartments, houses, offices, etc. Advanced software is the key to solving complex problems today.

It is in the owner's best interest to select a modern, future-proof solution to manage this very important part of the residents’ life. As Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame says…think about what will NOT change in the next 10 years. Your residents will want things more of these things: (1) less expensive products; (2) faster delivery of these products (which means keeping your package management system ON-SITE for immediate 24/7/365 delivery of packages to residents); (3) a vast selection of products - residents are buying EVERYTHING online these days. You must provide residents with the most convenient way to get these items fast and conveniently. The residents' expectations are being set by Amazon and other online retailers...good business means that your community exceeds these expectations.

If you would like more information about HelloPackage and would be interested in seeing a demo of the product, please email us at, go to our website at or call 404-382-5805/866-931-5567 to set up a time.