Equipment - Software - Services

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HelloPackage is a total solution including Equipment, Software, and Services. You can purchase the system in the way that works best for you: all CapEx, all OpEx, or a blend of the two.

We offer a One-Price Solution: sold as a service, one monthly bill that includes all the equipment, equipment maintenance, software, software upgrades, delivery driver management, package return/outbound module, and In-Room services. The apartment owner can mark up and make ancillary income.


HelloPackage is easy to purchase. You can pay: (1) ALL OPEX - $9.95 per apt unit/per month; (2) ALL CAPEX - pay for everything upfront for a set number of years;  (3) PART CAPEX/PART OPEX - purchase
the equipment upfront and then pay for the other items monthly.

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Resident Satisfaction & Retention

High-Value Amenity

Staff Remains Focused on Leasing

Ancillary Income

Low TCO/Long Service Life/High ROI

One Lease: just one new lease (ever) pays for HelloPackage (20x multiple on new revenue). As package volume/delivery drivers continue to increase, leasing staff will be pulled further into package management vs leasing. Some staff members are spending two-three hours/day on pkgs...520 to 780 hours/year.

High Return On Investment (ROI): HelloPackage is at the very beginning of its product lifecycle and is designed to handle the growing e-commerce issue. It has a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), will provide many years of service, and provides for maximum pkg density thus efficiently utilizing the precious/expensive pkg space available. An ROI analysis can be found on our website.


Projected financial results for an average 250-unit apartment community

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HelloPackage provides a high ROI by allowing your staff to focus on leasing. Not only will you be able to sign more leases but when your properties are at full occupancy, you will drive rent increases with the additional demand. Having a state-of-the-art package management amenity like HelloPackage is simply good business.


Use our ROI Calculator below to see the results for your own properties by using HelloPackage. Contact us and we can walk you through and explain the results.