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An Amazon Warehouse - The e-commerce revolution is creating a once-in-a-generation tectonic change in the world. . .how we 'go shopping' has changed forever. Now the store comes to you. 

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Amazon sells over 12.0B products, 95M Americans have a Prime account, Amazon has 175 warehouses, 150M square feet of space, 840K employees, and 30k vehicles. Now, apartment residents can and do buy virtually anything online. 

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Today, packages and delivery drivers are coming from everywhere. UPS just added Saturday and Sunday delivery after being in business for 112 years without it. All the other major carriers have already moved to weekend delivery. 

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Amazon is hiring another 175,000 people to work in their warehouses and deliver packages. These demand economy/'gig' drivers are coming to apartment communities at all times night and day.

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Even local stores such as Walmart, Target, Home Depot, BestBuy, Walgreens, Kroger, etc., are delivery packages directly from the store to the home, many times in one-to-two hours.  

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Residents want and expect more Speed and Convenience when buying online. They want to order what they want, pick it up when they want, any size or weight of package, have their packages be secure, and be able to do returns right in the community. People's desire for speed and convenience is insatiable. 

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Apartment owners and staff want to get out of the package business. They are not quite sure how they got into the package business in the first place. They must stay focused on their most profitable job of leasing apartments and providing great customer service. 

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However, because the number of package/delivery drivers coming in each day is increasing so rapidly, the complexity of the package problem has gotten beyond what the leasing staff can handle. The days of handling packages and managing delivery drivers with leasing staff (circa 2008) is quickly coming to a close.

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Packages are put in all locations within the community. As more and more packages come in, they end up everywhere. And this trend is likely to continue unabated as e-commerce continues to grow.

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The packages go in mailrooms, overflow into the leasing office and/or the lobby, leaving the first thing prospective residents see is an overflow and disorganized package room. This is not the first image apartment owners want potential residents to see.

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Some apartment owners have tried to 'keep things simple' by letting delivery drivers go deep into the community and deliver packages directly but hallways were designed for people, not packages. Letting drivers (many being demand economy/'gig workers') freely roam the halls has many downsides. . .increased package theft, potential accidents, loss of privacy, and legal liability. 

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In 2012, some apartment owners started buying the 100-year-old solution of metal lockers, in their desperation to solve the problem. Lockers are space inefficient, don't handle many package sizes/weights/shapes, don't scale well, are expensive, slow to load, and packages overflow back to the leasing office. This can result in the community having two non-working systems (lockers and manual) . . .more complexity.

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Off-site delivery/bring-back companies like Fetch limit the resident experience. Many e-commerce companies like Amazon and local retailers are now delivering in one-to-two hours. Residents don't want to wait or have to be at home for deliveries. Plus, the cost model for this type of service is difficult to scale.

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What is needed is a modern, technology-forward, software-driven, custom-designed/built Logistics Solution ('Package 2.0'). Manual Solutions ('Package 0.0') or Storage Solutions ('Package 1.0') may increasingly struggle to meet the need as the number of packages, delivery drivers, and complexity all increase.

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HelloPackage is a Package 2.0 solution designed to turn the 'package problem' into the 'package opportunity' for apartment owners. The system is comprised of advanced software, custom-designed/built hardware, modern sensors, computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI).

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HelloPackage can store 4x the number of packages in a given space over package lockers, easily expand, handles any size/weight/shape package, keeps packages and people safe, automatically manages delivery drivers, allows resident pick-up 24/7, handles e-commerce returns, apartment owners can outside the entire process, and turn package management into a new profit center. 

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HelloPackage can be installed in apartment communities in three ways: the Room Edition, the Container Edition, and the Concierge Edition. The system is designed to be easily expanded as the needs increase. If expansion is required, the system handles all the logistics of routing delivery drivers and residents. 

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HelloPackage has many alternating layers of electronic and physical security all being monitored, tracked, and recorded by humans and advanced software/sensors. New technologies on the horizon will only make the system even more secure. HelloPackage is a hardened target and extremely difficult for would-be criminals to achieve success. Sophisticated evidence is readily available to authorities should it be needed. 

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Valet Living is available to provide you the In-Room services in selected areas so that the HelloPackage Package Management Solution is truly 'set it and forget it.' Many apartment owners want to be totally out of the package/delivery driver business and get back to leasing apartments/providing excellent customer service to their residents. 

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COVID-19, the most significant public health event in over 100 years, will have long-lasting implications for e-commerce. All signs point to a sustainable increase above the already fast 15% annual growth rate of e-commerce. Speed and Convenience are now complemented by the safety concerns people have in visiting retail stores. E-commerce growth will likely accelerate going forward. 

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The real solution to the package problem going forward is a unique combination of sophisticated software and custom-designed/built equipment (HelloPackage) and dedicated/trained people. This provides new levels of resident satisfaction and keeps apartment leasing staff doing what they do best. This solution will delight your residents and turn packages into a new revenue source. 

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All of the major carriers are making major investments in infrastructure, personnel, expanding delivery to the weekends, and working longer days in order to keep up with the increased e-commerce demand. 

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Amazon recently order 100,000 new electric delivery vans. This will greatly expand their fleet of delivery vehicles and increase their ability to deliver in ever-shorter timeframes (now down to one hour in some locations). 

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All of this means that e-commerce is going to be a very big part of our lives going forward. Today's peak volumes will be tomorrow's new normal volumes. Apartment owners need a new/modern/complete solution to meet this need. Last-mile complexity is the enemy of the desired Speed and Convenience. HPKg is equipped to deal with this complexity and delight residents/apartment owners.